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May 2004  Consimworld Expo another Hit!

Once again, John Kranz and Consimworld put on a great convention in Tempe, Arizona.  And, once again, for the third year in a row, I was in attendance.  Besides playing some games and having a table in the dealers room, it was a pleasure to meet some new (and some returning) Panzerschreck fans.  I really appreciate the show of support and kind words that were sent our way!   We sold a bunch of issue #12 (not to mention a bunch of back issues), added another retail disributor, and got some great feedback.  This was on top of the great wargame chat that went on, the game auction on Saturday night, and the general fantastic atmosphere of spending several days with guys who share the same passion for wargaming.  If you were there, hope you'll be back in '05.  And if you weren't?  Make plans now to join us next year!

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January 2005   Two Naval Games

For naval warfare fans, we've got two new offerings available for immediate delivery.  DREADNOUGHTS & BATTLECRUISERS, 2nd Ed. is identical to the 1st edition of this WWI tactical naval combat game, except it comes with new Advanced rules and addtional counters.  Visit the D&B page for more info. 
    GRAF SPEE, Zip Edition has just been released.  Yes, this is the game that just came out in Panzerschreck #13, but the Zip Edition adds three new ships (the Cumberland, Renown, and Admiral Hipper), new scenarios, and additional optional rules.  The components are printed in color on glossy cardstock.  Visit the Zip Edition game page for more information.

October 2006    New Policy

   Personal checks.  We cannot accept overseas checks, due to unreasonably high bank charges.  We do, however, accept personal checks from the US and Canada.
August 2006     Charles Roberts Award Winner... Again!

We're proud to report that Panzerschreck has won the Charles S Roberts Award for Best Amateur Wargame magazine for the third straight year.  Many thanks for your support!